The Shingle Machine

    At the sawyer's left arm a block is being
held tight and driven through a 48 inch circular saw. The
shingles fall near his left hand. He then picks them up and
trims of the waste edges on a smaller circular saw with
his right hand.

    This is a very noisy, very dusty, and very
dangerous job. My father here, who has sawn shingles
for more than 50 years still has all his fingers. But
those fingers are not without a story or two to tell.
   The good shingles are tossed down to
the packer to be bundled, and then sold. The bad
shingles are thrown into the waste conveyor, destined
for destruction.

Do you think a kind sawyer would really
send a poor shingle to destruction ?
   I have an even tougher question.
Do you think a loving God would
really send someone to HELL ?

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